Saturday, April 27, 2013


I don't care what anyone says those air machines in restrooms are not a good substitute for paper towels.  I mean,  I know why they put those things in as opposed to paper towels.  I know they are cheaper.  But I still don't like them.
We went out to dinner last night and before leaving I had to visit the restroom.  And lo and behold, no paper towels.  They did have the  "Xilorator" machine.  It blew cool air and did not do a very good job at drying my hands.  So I had to do what I have to do every time I encounter one of those new finagled machines, finished drying my hands on my pants.
My mom and Dad were on a trip from Oklahoma to California once on their way to see all of us kids and grandkids.  They stopped in New Mexico somewhere for gas and to use the restroom.  My mom exited the ladies bathroom and informed the attendant that they were in need of toilet paper.  He, in all seriousness, told her, "well, there's a blow dryer on the wall".   Since that time I have not been able to get the image out of my mind.  How the heck do you get your backside up that high to dry it?
And the word sounds like they have really high hopes for your visit to their gas station.


  1. That is too funny! And now I'm going to be stuck with that image in my head, too. Thanks for that!

  2. Well, it is nice to have company, someone else who has that stuck in their heard (at least it wasn't your mother:) )