Monday, April 8, 2013

Home, There's No Place Like It

There really is no place like home.  Home is were all of ours hearts long to be.  It's the place we go to when we have nowhere else to go.
Three out of my four children have come home, not literally to our house, but to their hometown.  The place they grew up and have all those memories stored up.
Home is a little bit of a subjective word.  It can be your actual home, your house.  But more importantly it's where your heart is.  My younger sister used to go and spend the night at her friends house, but she never actually got through the entire night.  Before the night was over she came traipsing back home, she has always been a homebody, and still it.  But now her home, like mine, is with her own family in her own home.  It's where she loves to be.
Home is the first place where we learn.  We learn how to treat each other with love and respect, then we go out into the world and take that with us.  We learn about respect and forgiveness, first at home.  We learn about the value of kind words and charity.
I love being at home, like my sister I am a homebody.  It's the place I fell secure and the place I know that people love me just the crazy way I am and they don't judge me.  They scratch their heads at me sometimes, but never with judgement.
I really hope that everyone has a place that is home for them, whether it's their home or someplace that holds their heart.


  1. Not like it really matters, but you know today is the "G" day, right? But, as you said on my blog, WHO CARES?!! hahaha. And I like that you call me your "younger" sister :) Home is the best place to be. But I have to tell you that my family always felt like YOUR home was THEIR home. That's a wonderful thing . . . YOU make it a home!

  2. Oh well, I was wondering about that! Guess I get the day off tomorrow, huh? I should have read the "instructions" better, but you know how I am with instructions!

  3. This is such a beautiful post! Your words are so true. :)(And I love the background for your blog - so pretty!)

  4. Ah! Home! I'm a homebody too! Enjoy the rest of A-z!

  5. I am so thrilled that my children have all moved with in 10 miles of me!! Yea for HOME!!
    I'm happiest when everyone is here in our home. Loud and fun!
    Peanut Butter and Whine

  6. Isn't it the best, having your children close by, and it's because they want to be there.