Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Bonanza!  I grew up in an age when the tv lineup was filled with family sitcoms and westerns.  We sat in front of the tv all together as a family every Saturday night to watch them.  I loved them and I loved just the simple night of simple tv viewing.

Well, my husband has recently rediscovered ALL the old westerns that they play  as reruns, his favorite being Bonanza.

If you are of my era then you may have grown up with the same families that I did, the Nelsons, the Ricardos, and of course, Ben, Adam, Hoss, Little Joe, and Hop Sing.

Back to my husband.....he recently had knee replacement surgery.  And you know how that goes, it lays you up for a while.  He was out of commission for several weeks and had to find something to fill his hours in between making a trek to the bathroom or refrigerator (using his trusty walker, it was a sight).  So while he was parked on the couch in the den he, naturally, turned on the television.  Who knew that we even had the Western Channel? 

There was a bucket load of westerns to choose from, Big Valley, High Chaparral, Wagon Train, and Rawhide, but his favorite became Bonanza.  Bonanza lit up his 60 incher four hours a day.  I love Hoss too, but really!

Well, now he's walking around, even driving.  He's not so sedentary anymore but he still has not been able to make a break from the Cartwright family.  He loves to regale me with Little Joes exploits and Hoss's kindness.  I have to tell you it's getting harder and harder to look interested when my husband tells me the story of an episode from start to happy ending.

So after every episode that he watches I get a bonanza of information about the Cartwrights.  After all, they are his second family.

How many years was Bonanza on tv anyway?  And how long will it be before my husband runs out of episodes?


  1. I always wanted to live on the Ponderosa . . .with Little Joe :)

  2. Little Joe looked a lot better when I was 15 years old! Now I'm competing with him for Steve's affection :)

  3. I loved Bonanza! Thanks for the memory:)) And fyi my mother just had knee replacement. Maybe she should watch some Bonanza?

  4. Well, Talya, I've got to say Bonanza did wonders for my husbands recovery:)

  5. 14 seasons & 430 episodes... I'd say you have a ways to go yet! My family used to watch it too. Fellow A-Zer here. Happy day!