Monday, October 3, 2011

Mmmmm, Waffles anyone?

Yep, it's fall in this house. I know it's fall when I bring out all of my pumpkin recipes, and this morning I brought out my pumpkin waffle recipe. You know those foods that with every bite you express your delight? Well, this is one of those foods.

I'm never sure if those I feed are quite as enamoured with the food as I am. But this is what it sounded like in my house at breakfast time this morning. "Oh my, this is wonderful", take another bite. "Oh my goodness, is this great, or what?"....another bite. "Mmmmm, I've never tasted anything so delicious before"........"Hey, are you going to finish that waffle?"

That was a somewhat one way dialog, but that's okay, everyone around here is pretty used to me talking to myself. I rarely expect people to answer or comment anymore. But believe when I tell you, you have to have these waffles, oh my, they truly are the best!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Now, I don't ordinarily brag about my birthday because, quite frankly, I'd just as soon forget I was having one. But.....this is so an exception. Let me tell you why. It's because I am the luckiest person in the world.

My day started out just like any other day except on this day I was a little peeved with my husband. No, he didn't forget my birthday. We don't usually make a big deal about each others birthdays,but I must have been feeling an exception to the rule today.

My present you ask, was a 99 cent candy bar and a very cute card. I'm not greedy, really, but I can buy my own candy bar. That was enough to set me off for the morning. I didn't scream and yell or anything, but believe when I tell you HE knows when I'm not happy. Well, we had a good morning running errands, going to the apple orchard and buying apple cider (to drown my sorrows with) and going to our granddaughters soccer game (that was fun!).

This is where me being the luckiest person in the world comes in. On our way home from town we run into our second oldest grandson. We stop the car to say hi and I get a big ole hug and a Happy Birthday and he says he is coming to my birthday party. Huh? Then we get home and I get a call from my Idaho daughter, whom I miss so much, and get another happy birthday wish. Then my oldest grandson calls, he's 15 years old, and wishes me a happy birthday. Maybe his mom called him and told him to call me, I don't know, but I don't care. The fact is, he called. Then ALL of my Tehachapi children and grandchildren come to our house with bbq and cake in tow and we have the best birthday party ever. AND the boys do all the cleaning up (and I mean the "little" boys).

After everyone leaves I check out Facebook, which I rarely do these days, and had so many wonderful friends have wished me a happy birthday. Oh, I almost forgot, the icing on the birthday cake. My Idaho son-in-lw, whom I love like my own sons, called and wished me a happy birthday.

To all of my children and grandchildren, I love you more than words could ever express