Friday, September 17, 2010

Old and Harmless

Apparently although I am "old",I am harmless. This is according to my 9year old grandson. This is how I came to this particular knowledge.

I pick Tylor up from the bus stop, this is about a half an hour after Steve picks up Trenton when he gets off of the middle school bus. As I was waiting for the bus to come I noticed a young boy sitting on a bunch of rocks not far from where I parked my car. He looked to be about 12 or 13, somewhere around there and just looked sad. I kept watching, hoping that someone was coming to pick him up.

Ty's bus came and he climbed in the car and usually I am one of the first cars out of the parking lot. This time, however, I waited until everyone was gone and pulled up next to the the boy and asked if someone was coming for him. He gave a me some sort of vague answer so I asked him if he wanted a ride home. He very eagerly accepted.I took him home. Thank goodness he didn't have to walk because it was quite the drive. It was way to far for him to walk and Ty could hardly wait to tell Grandpa about his little adventure.

Well, I felt a little like a good Samaritan but I was even more relieved that this kid got home okay. As Ty and I were driving home from our little adventure I mentioned to Ty that I was a little surprised that this boy accepted a ride home with a perfect stranger.

Now here is the reason that I related this story. Tylor looks at me and says, "Grandma, I am not trying to be offensive, are old and kids just think that old people are harmless".