Friday, April 5, 2013

Ahhh, Blessed Elastic

I think that the person who invented Elastic should be awarded the Nobel prize for comfort.
Whoever it was must have been sitting around his cabin in the woods after leaving the first Thanksgiving feast trying to unbutton his britches, yearning for comfort and relief.  But he's a really old guy with arthritis in both hands from digging his field and shucking his corn for 75 years and he just can't get those buttons undone"
This old guy thinks "\if only I have britches that stretched, I wouldn't be in in this predicament."  But, alas, he has to suffer through the night regretting that extra helping of squirrel stew he ate.
On the verge of sleep he has an epiphany....elastic is born!
I'm not ashamed to admit that I love my elastic waist pants.  I like nothing better than to change into what my grandson calls my "giving up on life" pants, better known as sweatpants, after a long day of confinement in a dress or anything with a zipper.
Bless you, whoever you are, for inventing elastic and putting them in the waist of my britches.


  1. I love that! Giving up on life pants! hahahahaha!!!!!

  2. That's Tylor's name for them:) I could write a book with the things he says.

    1. You can! Check out
      Her blog is totally about the things her children say. You could do the same thing, in a book!