Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pigtales, Ponytail, and Rubberbands

When I was young and growing up with three sisters my mom worked regular daytime hours and there were times when my dad worked nights.  In the summertime my dad was home to care for us.
This means that he saw that we brushed out teeth and tried to keep us from killing each other.  The one thing he did that "haunts" me to this day....he brushed our hair.
He didn't just brush our hair, he put it in ponytails.  And, let me tell you, he was quite the ponytail aficionado.  He would pull our hair back so tight and put that nasty rubber band in and by the time we were done each one of us looked like we had been born into the wrong family.  If you had plopped us down in China we would have looked like we belonged.  He didn't do this to be mean, he was trying to make sure we looked good.  His idea of good and ours were much different.
It sure was hard to smile when it felt like you had just gone through facial plastic surgery.  But the memory makes me smile now, and maybe that's why I have always kept my hair short, as an adult.

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  1. It does give us something to laugh about now, though, doesn't it?!