Friday, April 19, 2013

Quit It!

Ahhh, the sweet memories of family vacations with four small children crammed into the backseat of an old VW van (a VW van that might have broken down at any moment, and did...often).
"Quit it, Mom she's looking at me".......Quit it, Mom, she's touching me......Mom, make him quit spitting........Dad, can't you make Mom make him quit it?"
Despite all the squabbling in the backseat, if you ask my children about their vacations as little children today, they would tell you that those were the best memories of their childhood.  And I have to agree.


  1. Isn't that always the way it is?! Our family vacations (when we were little) are some of my best memories!

    1. I will never forget the vacations we took when we were little, so many wonderful memories!

  2. That is very true! I remember more of getting somewhere than actually being "there"!

    -Fellow A to Z-er

  3. And getting there is always an adventure, isn't it?