Friday, November 25, 2011


Thanksgiving.....I love it.  I love everything about it, from being with family, to eating wonderful food and.....hearing the stories from my Idaho daughter who could not be here for Thanksgiving.  She hosted her husbands family this year;  hence, the stories.  I hope she posts some because her family drama is  the stuff of legends.  It's never anything  horrible, it's just funny.  Well, funny to me.  Not so much to her!   I would tell you about my Thanksgiving day and all the zilllions of things I am thankfu for but I'm afraid I have no time.  Steve and I are off to Las Vegas (it's our 40th wedding anniversary) so we are going to go "play".  Not play like gamble, play like have no responsibilities, yea!!!  So, I hope everyone has fun on their Black Friday shopping day .
Judy, I hope you are still in bed enjoying the peace and quiet that comes when everyone else is fighting for bargins and you are just cozy and warm in the saftey of your own bed.

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  1. Ok, well now I'm just jealous! You took all the fun out of me being in my cozy bed by saying you are on your way to Las Vegas!! Totally jealous! But have a great time anyway . . . And Happy Anniversary !!!!!