Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Used To Love Las Vegas

I used to love Las Vegas.  Well, actually I still do love it.  But I did had a very traumatic experience on this trip.  Steve and I went to Las Vegas for the weekend  for our anniversary, we always have a good time.  However, you need to know that our good time is probably not your good time.  We don't gamble, we rarely go to any shows, we don't drink.  What we do is go to the movies.  I  know that's along way to drive just to go to the movies, but that's not the only thing we do.   We also shop.  We don't shop at the shops at Ceasars Palace or even the Miracle Mile shops.  We go to Wal Mart, Big Lots, Deseret Industries, and all the fun funky little shops that we come across.  That's weird, you may be thinking.  What you need to know is that in our town we have K Mart.  Yup, that's it just K Mart,  And in the words of Dustin Hoffman, "K Mart sucks".  We also go for drives to places we didn't know existed in Las Vegas, we love to just drive.
Okay, well here is where my very terrible experience comes in.  We were in Wal Mart.  Steve was off looking at TVs and I was looking at house stuff (my favorite things to look at).  So, here I am minding my own business when a man, a very large man, strolls by with his son in the basket of his shopping cart. Now, I like people, I smile at everyone (even when I don't mean to it just happens) even those scary guys who look like they want to rob me.  So this man and his son, who was about 3 years old, walk past and the little boy says to me, "Hi old lady".  Honest, I am telling you the truth, and what to I do?  I smile at him.  On my face is a smile and in my mind I am thinking of retorts.  Nothing comes to mind, I am just flabbergasted.
Now for the rest of the trip I am thinking, did my daughters lie to me and is my gray hair really not attractive, does it make me look old?  I don't feel old....but I do avoid mirrors as much as possible so I'm not too sure what I look like.  I rely on my daughters to tell me.  Girls, have you not been telling me the truth?
Okay, first on my list of things to do tomorrow is go to the drugstore for hair coloring.  Hope it helps.

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