Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Internet Withdrawl

Hallelujah!  We're back online. Our internet has been down for awhile.  It seemed like months but in actuality it was only about a week.  Really?  Only a week?
This is our third wireless device.  Our first two seemed to stop working and the kind and patient people at Verizon could not seem to get it back up, so they sent us our third one.  Now, I am starting to wonder.  Is it really the device or is it because of us?  We are not very computer literate.   Do you think that simply by virtue of us, Steve and me, trying to make it work we made it not work?  I'm pretty sure that's the case.  I am wondering how many of these things Verizon will send us before they get wise to us and our inability to  work a computer.

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