Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ode to a Date Roll

Christmas is in the air. The minute the weather turns cold I feel the Christmas spirit and part of the spirit to me is baking yummy goodies and making delicious candies. I don't make as much as I used to, but I still have my favorites. One of my favorites, at least to eat, is the ever elusive Date Roll that my mom used to make every year.

Now, the reason I call this candy elusive is because the ability to make it has eluded me for years.

When my mom made candy she was not the candy thermometer kind of candymaker, she was the drop a little bit of the boiled candy in a cup and see if it was at a soft or hard ball stage.

When I make boiled candies I need all the modern helpers that I can get, mostly I need someone to made them for me. But, alas, the trying to make them is most of the fun. Or so I always used to think. This one candy may have changed my attitude toward that idea.

I must say, however, that I love this candy so much that it's worth the trouble. So here is my salute to the Date Roll:

Ode to a Date Roll

by Emma's daughter (who cannot make a date roll to save her life)

The color's not right, it tastes like a shoe.

I honestly, truly, don't know what to do.

I went to the store, bought all the right stuff,

And yes, I'm pretty sure I bought quite enough.

I carted my groceries out of my car,

Into the house and onto the bar.

I got out the thermometer, the pot, and the spoon.

I know that the grandsons would both be home soon.

And, oh, they would marvel. They'd oooh and they'd aahhh

At this wonderful creation as soon as they saw.

But what did they see when they walked through the door?

My pot and my spoon and myself on the floor.

I give up, I give up I said in a state.

You can all go fishing and use it at bait.

So now I give up, I won't do it again,

At least til next year when, who knows, I might win.

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  1. Well, Mrs. Seuss, that was awesome! I KNEW you'd be inspired by something! Thanks for writing, I love reading your tales! And, I know for a fact that you've made some awesome date rolls in your time :)