Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pets: Who Needs Them?

I'll tell you who needs pets....everyone.  I just finished reading my daughters blog and she related how her dog Ralph got into an entire box of See's Chocolates.  Poor dog.  Poor Erin, no more chocolates for her.  Ralph, the dog, is fine.  I think he started feeling better after "ralphing" all over himself, Erin's bed, and poor Lulu, the chocolate (ha ha) lab.
Then this afternoon I'm talking to my sister, who has two Shitzus.  Really sweet dogs.  My sister was telling me about her trip to the groomer.  Apparently this dog is so spastic that the groomers refused to service her until she was under the influence of sedatives.  So, Kathy, my sister, had to take the dog to the vet to get her sedated.  According to the groomer, it didn't help.  I don't think the dog will be returning.
Now, my little incident.  We have two dogs and three cats.  Two of our cats stay mainly outside but the newest one is strictly an inside cat.  She's really pretty, but still a kitten.  So she's very playful and tries to run outside every time the door is opened.  On Sunday one of our son's dogs came down to visit, our kitten, Millie, doesn't like any dogs but her own.  
Millie had run outside earlier and she refused to come inside.  When she saw a dog that didn't belong to her she panicked and ran inside the mudroom and on top of the freezer, unbeknownst to us.  We would go out and call her and try to get her to come in but all we heard was a faint meow that made us think that she was under the porch, hiding.  Well, we had to go so we figured we could coax her in when we got home.
We got home late in the evening and called and called and heard an even fainter meow.  I saw the light bulb go on over Steve's head and he decided to look behind the freezer.  Sure enough, the cat had slid clear across the top of the freezer and landed head down behind it.  She had been hanging there for hours.
Poor little thing was shaking and had peed and pooped on herself but I was afraid to try to clean her up in case she was hurt.  So I bundled her up, made sure she had food and water and put her in a basket to sleep until morning. 
Well, I checked on her about every hour and after a couple of hours she started to give me this look.  It said, how could you have been so dense.  I called and called and you never came for me.  The look she gave me was total disdain.  Steve says it was my imagination, but I don't think so.
In the morning she's feeling much better, so I give her a bath.  She's clean and shiny and she smells good, but she still won't have anything to do with me.  She sits on Steve's lap and sneaks a nasty look at me every once in a while.  For now I am not her friend, but she'll come around when Steve's off working and I'm the only one home to feed her!

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