Sunday, January 1, 2012

Desperate For A Haircut

I wear my hair very short, I love it very short.  And as anyone with short hair can tell you, the minute you can feel the back of your hair on your collar it's past time to get a haircut.
Now, I have been going to the same girl for a lot of years.  We started out together at Cost Cutters (I don't like to spend much on my haircuts!).  Then I followed her over to her own shop in town.  My haircutting girl's name is Alicia.  She is from Columbia.....a Columbia that you couldn't pay me to visit.  I'm not sure what part of Columbia she grew up in but I do know that it's the part with a lot of corrupt officials and a lot of drug cartels, at least I think that's what she said.  She has a very thick accent and I am not good with accents.  So I have to listen very hard when she talks and that is the entire time she is cutting my hair. So she could actually be from the part of Columbia where there are a lot of  colorful offices and a lot of bug cartons.  I'm not really sure.
The thing is, she does not take appointments.  It's all walk in.  Well, whenever I walk in she is never there.  So Friday was the last straw.  I was going to a family party Friday night and I felt like I looked, I don't know, maybe matronly?  I feel younger when my hair is cut short I guess.  So I drive into town way past the time that Alicia says she opens for business and guess what?  Again, no Alicia.  So I sit in my car for a few minutes trying to decide if I want to hang around town and hope she shows up.  Well, I don't.  I had things to do. 
I get on the phone and call my daughter.  My daughter cuts her husbands hair all of the time, so I ask if she is willing to cut  mine.  She's a little nervous but very willing to do it, so I drive on out and sit in the "haircutting" chair while she gets out the implements, meaning scissors and stuff.
The process takes about an hour or so and I come away with a fantastic haircut.  I LOVE it.  I have always said that Alicia is the only one who cuts my hair exactly as I want it cut every time.  But  that's no longer the case.
I have to tell you, though, that before Rachel agreed to cut my hair she told me that her husbands father would probably be glad to cut my hair.  After all he recently took the clippers to his wives hair and when I saw her at Christmas her hair looked great. However, before that time she was wearing a wig to hide the haircut for about a month.  I declined the offer.  I don't own a wig.

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