Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Own Nurse Ratchet

My husband and I were talking about our grandchildren just before we went to bed tonight and it got me thinking about something our 10, almost 11 year old grandson said to me the other day.
My dad is currently living in a nursing home where my mom visits him everyday and spends time with him.  He has been quite ill after suffering unexpected effects from hip surgery, but he is getting better.  For quite a while after I would speak to my mom and hear her reports on how my dad was doing I would hang up and cry.  It made me so sad to think of him in any way other then the way I have known him all my life, strong and capable.
Well, Ty (the 10 almost 11 year old) and I  were in the car on the way home from school on Monday and out of the blue he tells me, "Grandma, when you get old I'm never going to put you in a nursing home".   I was so touched by that and at the same time tried so hard not to laugh.  This whole ordeal with my dad's health issues has affected him deeply.  He has a very tender heart.
So, as of now I have two grandchildren who are going to look after me in my old age.  Maggie, who is my Nurse Ratchet, and I mean that in the most positive light possible.  Maggie is a smart, no nonsense girl who will not only take good care of me but she will also keep me laughing even as she is bossing me around and telling me what to do and what not to do.  There's not arguing with her because she knows what's best, I'm going to have to trust her on this.
Tylor is a whole other story.  He's going to be the one sneaking me in Zingers and telling me every detail about the last movie he saw or the book he read.  Believe when I tell you that he will leave no detail to the imagination.  It will be as if I had seen the movie or read the book.  He will be the one holding  my hand while Maggie is shoving medicine down my throat.
Every family needs a Maggie, she is the best.  And every family needs a Tylor, together I think they may keep me alive for a very long time (like it or not!).

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