Monday, April 9, 2012


Saturday was a busy day for me, but I still needed to make a dessert for Easter dinner.  At my house you could skip dinner altogether if you have a great dessert.
On Saturday we spend a good part of the day at our son's house helping him with the baby while he was finishing putting floors down, hoping to get them done before his wife got home from work that night.  When we got home we began to frame out our new laundry room.  We are not carpenters, no where near that, so you can imagine that it took us a very long time to get one small wall up.  But, up it is, yea!  The level even says it's straight (that's a new one for us).
So it was pretty late when I decided to make dessert.  And I decided to change what I was making.  I was going to made pineapple upside down cake, but opted for this really yummy looking pound cake.  After all I had strawberries and real whipped cream to go with it.
I checked, I had all the ingredients.  It was 10:00 p.m. when I got everything out of the cupboards and put them on the counter.  I decided that it would help me save time.  I glanced at the recipe and it told me, I swear it really did, that after I got all the ingredients mixed the way they told me to that it would take 45 minuted to bake.  Deep down I knew that was not nearly long enough, but I was too tired to worry about it and hoped that I just got lucky with the recipe.
So, I get it in the tube pan and put it in the oven and decide to check the recipe one more time.   Oh shoot.  bake for 45 minutes......THEN over it with foil and cover it for 45-60 more minutes.  Okay, well I could still get to bed by midnight. 
So I stay up til midnight and am finally able to take the cake out of the oven.  Better read those instructions one more time, just to be sure.
Well, bedtime has been pushed back  by about another hour and a half.  I have to take the cake out, let it sit for 20 minutes, then run the knife around the edges, let it sit another 20 minutes.  And then finally, I get to take the cake out of the pan.....except I can't get it out of the pan without it falling apart.  It was a very dense cake.  So now I have to let it cool completely before I cover it.   That takes a little more than 30 minutes.
Yea!  Finally, after falling asleep at the computer, I get to go to bed.
Only thing is, now I can't seem to fall asleep.
But, at least the consensus was that the cake was worth it.  It really was good.

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  1. You and your directions! hahaha! I have a box of tapioca in my pantry :)