Wednesday, April 18, 2012

High Intelligence?

This morning I was in the kitchen watching tv and making cookies.  I was worrying about not being able to finish the cookies before I had to take Ty to school.  I just wasn't sure that my timing would work out.  Then what would I do, just leave the cookies to burn in the oven while I was gone?  That was really not an option.  I wanted to go get donuts after I dropped Ty off at school.  But then I remembered that they were delivering propane today.  Would I be able to get to town for a donut run and get back in time for the propane guy?  I just didn't know, I worried that I would miss him and then he wouln't be able
 to come back until next week.  We need propane NOW.  Shoot, propane or donuts.  Well, it was really a no brainer.  I could probably get to Carlos' Donut Shop and back before propane guy got to the house.....I think.  I was worried that perhaps I couldn't.  What to do?  To top it all off we are having  company over for dinner.  I was worried about what to make for them.  What if they didn't like what I made, what if they were vegans or they were lactose intolerant?  One more thing to worry about.  BUT....then as I was listening to the tv they were telling about a study that had been done.  This study said that worry was directly related to intelligence,  that people who worried were generally more intelligent.   I started feeling pretty good about myself.  They continued.  They said that there was help out there for worriers.  The "help" is called acceptance and commitment therapy.  Okay, I'm halfway there.  I accept that I worry....about everything.  And I am totally committed.  Committed mostly go figuring out a way to have my donuts and manage my time.  I am thinking, however, that my worry has less to do with intellegence that with my love for sweets.

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