Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Airport, Great Place for a Vacation

I have "one of those faces".  You know, the face that everyone relates to for some reason or seems to recognize.  No matter where I go there is someone who thinks they know me from somewhere.  We were in New York, on Ellis Island years ago.  They were presenting a reenactment of people getting off the ship and stepping onto the Island.  The entire time one of the actors kept looking  my way.  Afterward he came up to me and asked me if he knew me, that I looked so familiar to him.  Well, I didn't know him, but I really get to meet lots of nice people because of my "familiar face".
Another perk of my "one of those faces" is that people talk to me and they tell me life stories; their life stories, from beginning to present.  These people who tell me these things probably get home and wonder why on earth they told a perfect stranger about their Aunt Ethyl whose husband cheated on her and, long story short, ended up in prison.

On my flight home from my daughters home in Idaho I sat next to a man who told me his life story, from childhood to falling in love to divorce to all three of this children and what they are doing at this very moment.  He told me about the alimony he has to pay his wife and about his lawyer who is trying to get it so he doesn't have to pay so much.  He told me all about his career and where it has taken him.  He happened to be the CIO of Dole, you know the pineapple people.  But I have to tell you that actually pineapple is a small part of the Dole Company, they really make their money with bananas (CIO man told me so).  Nice guy, but boy, did he talk.
Also during my trip and my stay in the airport I have become a member of a club.  It is called the "Glued to your handheld electronic device" club.  It's not a very exclusive club and if the other members knew how inept I am with anything electronic they would probably expel me.
One more little thing.  I have to admit that I am just a little star stuck.  I actually look for those familiar celebrity faces at the airport.  And it paid off, I saw Powers Boothe.  A little disappointed though, he's very ordinary looking.  I was hoping for someone more like Bruce Willis, oh well.....(that's for you, Erin).
I think I'm going to be British next time I'm at the airport and can be anonymous.  Or maybe I'll just make up a language like my friends and I did when we were out in public during grade school.

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