Monday, January 7, 2013

Pizza, pizza

Okay, I do not make new years resolutions.  I do, however, make goals for the new year.  One of my goals was to make real dinners, with real ingredients and skip the easy, albeit yummy, fast food.  Yes, I know that yummy is not really the word most people would choose to describe fast food, but I am not particular.  Anything that I do not have to make in my own kitchen with my own hands is yummy.
I even went shopping to Winco on New Years Day so I could stock up on everything I would need to make dinners for the month.  That was almost a week ago, right?  Well, I have failed miserably on my first goal.  As I sit at the computer I am waiting for the pizza guy to call and tell me that he is on his way with my very- non homemade, but very delicious, pizza.
This is the way I look at it.  I made it almost an entire week.  Really, how great is that?  And in all likelihood, I can make it another whole week (after my pizza tonight).  Baby steps, right?
Besides, I really don't won't our local pizza people to think that I am mad at them, that would just be mean.

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  1. I think it's important that we support our local businesses :)