Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Lot on a Little Gals Mind

I have a granddaughter with a lot on her mind lately, poor thing.
It just hurts my heart to see her burdened with such heavy thoughts weighing her down.
She was sitting next to me in church this morning with her hands pressed against either side of her head as if she had a very bad headache.
This little girl looked up at me with concern in her eyes and said to me, "Grandma, pre-school is just driving me crazy, just crazy".  So, of course, I ask her, "why is that?"  She tells me, "everyone is just so noisy that I can't hear myself think anymore".
This is the thing that weighs so heavily on her mind these days, noisy four year olds who are interrupting her thought process. 
I wonder what it is that a four year old needs to think about so seriously that she needs silence to do so.

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