Tuesday, May 8, 2012

He's Never, Ever..........

I just finished reading my sisters blog.  I had talked to her earlier today.  And after reading and talking to her I started feeling like a bad person.  She has taken into her home a little six year old boy whose parents had all but abandoned him.  She gives him a stable home, which he probably knows little of.  She treats him as if he was one of her own, which means she also has to discipline him.  Well, apparently, he doesn't like that she is the disciplinarian in the family so he keeps trying to "get her in trouble" with her husband, who is very kind hearted and trying to make this little boy feel like he has a home. 

This little six year old has thrown things at my sister and has been quite disrespectful to her.  Yet, she keeps on trying.

After I finished reading her blog I began to feel a little bit better about myself.  We also have taken in someone who never has known a stable home, who feels abandoned and left alone in this world.  We wanted to give him a stable home where he would feel secure.  Well the first few days he was so well behaved and so affectionate.  We were one big happy family.

That lasted just a week or so.  I guess when someone starts to feel very comfortable, their true personality comes out.  So, now he is pooping on the floor and taking my slippers and hiding them.  That's not all.  Every time I get out of my chair while watching tv, he thinks it's okay to curl up in my spot.  Who does he think is the one who cleans up his poop and tries to make him behave?  Well, he doesn't like that very much so he has made my husband his favorite.  Who does he think feeds him and gives him treats when he is good?I do, that's who.  My feelings are a little hurt, but that's okay.  I'm still going to try to make him behave.  After all, he's only a dog and he may not know it, but I am his master.

But, I have to tell you.  He is sooo cute and I do know that he loves me despite his poor behavior.  So, of course we will keep him and keep working on his manners.  After all, he's only a dog, right?

By the way, as a footnote:  my husband went to the SPCA looking for a playmate for our coon hound.  There was a woman there trying to bring back this particular dog because her "daughter was allergic".  (Why did she bring the dog home in the first place is what I want to know...).  They would not give her back her money, but my husband was nearby and the SPCA lady said "this gentleman is looking for a dog just like that, maybe you two can come to some sort of agreement".  My husband thought, "wow, this must be my lucky day".

The woman returning the dog for a "refund" told my husband that this was the best dog that they had ever owned.  Now, how could they have owned other dogs if her daughter was so allergic?  I think, perhaps, that statement was not actually heard by my husband. He was already enamoured by the dog.  "This dog has NEVER gone to the bathroom in the house", says she.    All I can say is BIG FAT LIAR, and no, that is not too strong of a word to describe her.

Okay, now that's off my chest, I feel better.  He is actually a very sweet dog and we have already come to love him.  But he has to stop using my front door as his own personal bathroom.

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  1. I really thought you were talking about a human.

    Came to your blog through Judy's blog and her link to you on her Kreativ Blogger post.