Thursday, March 1, 2012

Please Fogive Me

I'm a Libra.  Now I know that doesn't excuse some of my rather annoying traits, but perhaps it explains some of them.  I am not a real believer in astrology, but the description of a Libra pretty much describes me.
I feel like I am that person holding those weights in each hand trying to balance them.  I do not like discord, I want everyone to get along and be happy, dang it.

I do not like to do the unpleasant tasks, not like cleaning the litter box, I do that.  The tasks I don't like to do are, for example, cancel our auto insurance because we found a better deal.  I had to do that last week and the guilt still weighs heavily on me.

I felt like I was apologizing for running over someones dog, even though the person on the other end of the phone was perfectly nice and understanding.  I felt like I had disappointed him because I no longer wanted his insurance.  I know it's not his insurance company and he could probably care less that I was cancelling, but the guilt just took over like an evil spirit possessing my body.

I'm never going to be the one the cancel anything again, lest I should hurt someones feelings. I'm going to leave that to my more thick skinned husband.

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