Sunday, March 18, 2012

Commercial Pitch

I have an idea for a commercial----here it is, let me pitch it to you.
This is going to sell hamburgers like hot cakes, guaranteed.
First we find ourselves a cute little old lady, kind of a granny type of woman.  You know, like the granny in the Sylvester and Tweetie Bird cartoons, only real.  You know, human.
You put granny in a purple velour running suit, the kind that old ladies wear, but don't run in.  They are old ladies, after all.  Sit granny on the hood of a Lincoln Town car, or maybe a big ole pink Cadillac.  My family had one of those once, but that's another story for another time.  Have her drape herself provocatively across the hood.  Hand her a big juicy hamburger and watch as the juices drip down her considerably crinkly chin while she takes huge bites out of it.
Now tell me, does that make you want to run out to your local fast food chain and indulge in a big juicy burger, or what?
What do you think, winner?

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