Thursday, December 8, 2011

Take a Mini Vacation

Steve and I love our mini vacations.  Most often we go to Las Vegas because it's close and there are a lot of things to do there (things that don't involve a lot of money).  This time, however, we went to Ventura.  Now, we have lived in California forever.  Me, most of my life and Steve was born in Los Angeles.  How come we have never, except for a quick trip 25 years ago to take the kids to a church meeting, been to Ventura?
You have never been there either, you say?  Well, you have to go.  I feel like I could be on the tourism bureau for that wonderful city.
Our son and his wife were going on a fishing trip for the day and asked if we would be interested in going along and watching the baby while they were on the boat.  Are you kidding?  A night in a beautiful hotel and then all day to play?  We were thrilled to do it.
So, off they went and then off we went.  We packed up Aiden and walked down the beach to the fairgrounds where they were having a flea market.  We spent the morning scouring the  market for bargains and we actually found a few great ones.  Then we ate breakfast tamales at a neat little food truck (they were yummy).
Back to the room to feed and change Aiden and then off we go again.  We took a fantastic drive all around the town and down HWY 101 to Ojai.  Ventura is one of the cleanest and prettiest towns I have ever seen, lots of history there too.
Then we ate at a cute little diner on the main street.  And then unfortunately the day was just about over.  They kids come back from their fishing trip after a total catch of 20 assorted fish, very successful!  And we are on our way home.
One the way home we get a call from our Idaho daughter asking if we had listened to the local news.   Apparently Mythbusters was doing some sort of experiment in Ventura that went awry.  Some sort of cannon ball been bonkers right through a block wall and someones house.  Yikes, well there goes one of those old historic homes down in history....again.

                                         This was the view from our room, beautiful, right?
So, go to Ventura if you ever get the chance.  You won't be sorry!

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  1. I have never been to Ventura either. As a matter of fact, I didn't even know it was on the ocean! hahaha. Looks beautiful, though. Glad you had fun! And didn't get hit by a cannon ball gone awry!