Friday, December 2, 2011


I have a small confession to make.  Nothing earth shattering or life changing, just a little thing about myself.  I have a bit of a lead foot.  Most people wouldn't know that because when someone is with me I drive no faster than the speed limit, I am a very safe driver, really.
The only time my lead foot makes an appearance is when I think I may be late, I hate to be late for anything (well, except if it's to something where I don't want to be anyway).  Oh yeah, and sometimes when I'm singing to the oldies on the radio and   I did leave the house a few minutes late to pick Tylor up from the bus stop and I was worried that I would get there late (in all truth, I have never once been late to the bus stop, possibly because of my lead foot).  Anyway, here I was driving down the road, maybe a little too fast, when a car comes towards me.  In the car is an older man, looking a teeny bit ugly grumpy.  But he holds up his hand and waves to me.  Please keep in mind that I am in my happy, happy holiday mode and I do what I always do, smile and wave back.
Then about a quarter of a mile down the road a thought strikes me.  Was he waving a friendly hello or was he holding up his hand yelling, "slow down you moron, you're going too fast".  So now I'm feeling just a little confused, but it doesn't last long, I just turn up Surfin' USA and go back to my happy place.

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  1. Are you sure it wasn't the theme to Hawaii 5-0??!!