Friday, September 16, 2011

Life Is Good, Honest It Is

"Life is what we make it, always has, always will be"

Grandma Moses

"Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we should dance"


Honestly, it really is; life is good.

That is not to say that my family is perfect and everything in my life is perfect. Far from it.

The thing is, and I figure this out often, but just as often I seem to forget, we don't have to have a perfect life to have a really good life; one that is perfect for us.

These are some of the things that make my life perfect for me.

1. family, as weird as we all are I love them and they love me. What else do you need?

2. My grandson who calls me on my cell phone while I am in town running errands simply to tell me that "The Walking Dead" actually is coming back on tv in October. And he's so excited about it, and I'm so excited about it; we love zombies.

3. A husband who knows when I NEED chocolate and brings me home some just because.

4. I have the most fantastic view from my deck at home. Sometimes it actually takes my breath away.

5. Most of my grandchildren live nearby and those who don't, like to talk to me on the phone, how great is that?

6. My granddaughter, Maggie, promised that she would be my caregiver (remember Nurse Rachett?) when I am old and feeble. That scares me a little bit, but who else would promise you that? And she's a promise keeper!

7. Tylor will tell me "love you" just right out of the blue. And you know what? He really does.

8. My daughter and son-in-law just got a much needed new car to replace their "ghetto car" (their words, not mine). Life is good.

9. My Son-in-law got a teaching position, one that he really, really deserves.

10. Our new kitten, Millie.

11. Our dog learned to open the front door all by himself (okay, that's not real convenient for us, but you must admit it's pretty interesting).

12. All the housewives, NY, NJ, and Beverly Hills. I don't care how crappy my live may seem sometimes, I know I've got it better than they do (well, minus the money maybe).

13. Ghosthunters

14. Billy the Exterminator

15. Mantracker

16. Reality TV in general.....I love it.

17. Daylight Savings Time

18.......everything else

Now, I didn't mean for this to seem all Pollyannaish, but I am truly grateful for all of my blessings, of which I have many.

So now, I'm going to try every single day to remember the things in my life that make it perfect for me.

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  1. Yes, yes, and yes. How is it that we have the 'exact' same favorite t.v. shows (except you forgot Swamp People... have you seen it?) So excited for Rich!!