Thursday, July 21, 2011

No More Facebook For Me

Yup, that's what I said. NO MORE FACEBOOK FOR ME! It's not that I think that facebook is bad, at least maybe not for other people. But I have come to the conclusions that my life is unexciting enough without reading about what someone is doing every second of their day. No offense to anyone on Facebook, but I really don't care that you are sitting in your car at the stop light on the corner of Green St. and Maple Ave. I can go out and do that all day long and it still fails to excite me, sorry.

It seems that all of my old high school friends who were once on Facebook have come to the same conclusion that I have; we have better things to do with our time than to live vicariously through your lives, astounding as they may be. Maybe we are just getting to that stage in life where we are realizing that our time is limited and maybe we should go and do instead of sit and look through the windows of your facebook postings.

The other thing is, and my grown children will attest to this, the computer is not my friend. We are merely acquaintances with a love-hate relationship. I do love my email even though most of it comes in the form of offers for weight loss pills or offers to share a newly acquired fortune if I would just send them $1,ooo.00. All of these emails I simply delete because it's much easier than figuring out how to block it. I told

Shopping is another thing I did really well on the computer. But in recent years my pocketbook dictated a change in my spending habits, I've had to curb my enthusiasm for internet shopping. It's too bad too because the UPS guy, Phil, and I had become good friends. Now he doesn't call, he doesn't write, he doesn't even stop by anymore; all because he has no packages for me. Talk about fair weather friends, huh?

Oh yeah, back to Facebook. Like I said, you won't find me there anymore. I am trying to get a revival going of letter writing. So far no one has written me back, oh well. So, if you have need to get a hold of me, yes, you can write me a letter, or you can email me (I promise not to delete you). And, you will love this one, there is the coolest little thing that you can hold in your hand, and if you punch in the correct sequence of numbers you will hear me say "hello", that is if caller ID tells me that it's someone I want to talk to.

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