Monday, October 15, 2012

Who Knew?

I feel compelled to share just two things with you tonight while I sit here in the den watching Hoarders.  First I am quite excited that The Walking Dead has finally returned to my big screen, yea!  Spoiler Alert:  the motley crew has found a new home!!!  So happy for them, now the baby can be born in the safety of a zombie infested, disgustingly filthy abandoned (well, sort of) prison.  I am so relieved.
The second thing, and Erin if you read this you may not believe this is true but it is, honest.  I created a power point   presentation on my computer, yes, it's true I really did.  I did this all by myself.  I am so totally computer illiterate, it's kind of embarrassing.  My 11 year old grandson had a school assignment for his history class to do a power point presentation and I wanted to be able to help.  So I got on my computer and pulled up microsoft office and started tapping keys and I'll be darned if I didn't actually make a fairly good power point presentation.  Anyway, I have been so proud of myself I have told everyone I meet about what I accomplished.  I'm not too sure Bob, the checker at the grocery store even cared, but the 3 people in line behind me seemed impressed.

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