Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wait and See, Otherwise Known as Jury Duty

LOVE , love, love jury duty, usually. When I got my invitation in the mail to attend a gathering, I was so excited. Also attending this event would be many types of people from the far away lands of exotic Kern County.

I've told you before how much I love to snoop, watch and listen. What better place to do that than a jury waiting room (well, there is the airport, a doctors waiting room and a zillion other places where the funny and weird gather)?

I arrive early, check in and wait with childlike anticipation. I find a seat and start my watching. Imagine my disappointment when I realize that I am surrounded by a sea of normality. I change my seat, still no luck. So I sit for awhile waiting and hoping to spot someone worthy of watching and/or eavesdropping on. Still no one catches my attention.

I change seats one more time-time is on my side since I will, in all probability, be sitting in this very room until 4:00 this afternoon.

Okay, I think I've hit paydirt. Sitting at the table directly across from me is my sister-in-law. Well, not literally, but if I closed my eyes, unable to see the rotund 300 pound lady it could be my sister-in-law. She has not stopped talking, she has barely taken a breath. She even seems to be sweating from the exertion of having this one way conversation with the two women at her table.

Darn, I hate it when that little guilt devil starts poking you with his pitchfork! I'm feeling a little bad; her audience seems to have deserted her and she looked my way and smiled with a look that said, "wanna be my friend?" I smile, I smile at everyone: it's this automatic thing that my face does when someone looks at me. Then I turn my face back to the boring book I brought with me (that's a whole other story).

My lonely "sister-in-law" goes in search of a new audience. Oh, but wait, here come her old friends. They were just out at the vending machines getting food so they could fortify themselves for the next round of conversation.

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  1. See, it wasn't a total loss. I don't know why you sounded so bored on the phone this morning.