Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Do you have the Wipeout mentality? As I have said before, I am much more of an observer than a player, at least in some instances. One of these instances would absolutely be Wipeout, a hilarious game show on ABC. If you have seen the show, you will know that the people they have on as contestants are NUTS! Who the heck in their right mind would subject themselves to what amounts to be self torture.
Take this fellow, for instance, it may look like he's taking a nice little ride at some benign little waterpark. But don't let this fool you. This guy is planted face first on this moving contraption. At this moment he is probably at the hospital getting his nose put back where it belongs. Now, I have to confess that I laughed myself silly watching this guy fall on his face over and over again. I love watching these crazy people do things to themselves that in all probability will end with them in the operating room, or a body cast.
My favorite "blind date" couple of the night was Ariel and King Neptune. They didn't win, but filled my two hours with glee! I have to admit, though, that this couple (at least the male counterpart) was a tiny bit creepy. Ariel was a high school senior and although I'm not sure how old King Neptune was, he was too old!
I am just grateful that this world is filled with people who will subject themselves to endless humiliation for my entertainment!

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  1. Agreed! Loved every. single. minute. of the two hour special. It's our only summer show and a family favorite. I got a kick out of Jen. Have a good night.