Monday, May 24, 2010

Human Testing


My granddaughter, Eliza, the future "animal doctor" had an ingenious (if not potentially deadly) idea this morning. Eliza was telling me that she liked rainy days at school. When I asked why she liked them she responded that it was because they got to watch movies. I asked her what movie she watched on the last rainy day and she told me it was one about animals. "What kind of animals", I ask. "Poisonous frogs", she tells me. "How do you know if they are poisonous or not", I inquire. "I don't know", says she. Well, I offer to look it up on the internet if we have time before I take her to school. She declines my offer with a "better" one of her own. "We can find a frog and watch it spit on someone and if they die we will know if it was poisonous or not".

Now, I'm not too sure if that's really a good idea but you must admit that it would probably be effective. For now I think I will just search the internet, not as dramatic as Eliza's way but it will get us results.