Thursday, January 31, 2013

Can Life Get Anymore Ridiculous?

My husband owns his own business, he has an office in our home.
Seeing that his office is in our home we have people coming and going quite a bit.  Actually, it's mostly family, but they come and go.
Well, yesterday was a day to remember.
Without warning our front door burst open and crazy men with black masks and automatic weapons came running through the open door.  We had nowhere to hide, no convenient desk to climb under so there was only one thing to do.
I pushed past the half dozen armed terrorists and ran straight to  my sewing room.  I grabbed my sewing scissors, ran back to where the armed men were holding my family and I successfully subdued them with my pinking sheers.  Wow, it's a good thing I just had my sewing scissors sharpened!

Now, I don't mean to make light of all the horrific events of late that have involved gunmen.  It breaks my heart to know that so many lives have been taken and there are others who may never recover emotionally.
But the ridiculous commercial that Homeland Security put out was totally offensive to me.  I just wish they would put out a commercial that helps us to understand that we have the power to protect ourselves and our families, not even neccessarily with guns, but certainly not with scissors.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Serendipity means a "happy accident" or "pleasant surprise", specifically the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it.

I had a very serendipitous day yesterday and I have not left my kitchen since then.  Let me tell you why.

The Verizon guy came (all the way from Yucaipa) yesterday.  He was here to install our updated, faster internet.  While he was working on a cable on the wall by our TV he just happened to mention that he was also a DirectTV installer.  It didn't take too long for my little mind to go to work.

When the last directtv guy was here he undid the cable connected to my little kitchen tv to install a fancy, shmancy new dvr. Well, no one has been able to fix that for me.  I love my kitchen tv, I like watching the news while I'm in there and I just like having the noise.  I have missed my tv desperately! 

After the  Verizon guy said he could do directtv I jumped at the chance to let him know that I needed help.  He directly went to his truck, got out some new cables and got my little kitchen tv working.  Excellent!!

While in my kitchen he also noticed my little notebook computer which we haven't been able to get connected to the internet for quite a while not.   I have also missed my little computer, I like looking up recipes and maybe do a teeny bit of internet shopping while I am doing whatever I do in the kitchen (that seldom involves cooking).  Well, Verizon guy fixed my computer. 

So now, I have TV in my kitchen, I have my computer in my kitchen, which, by the way is 10x faster, at least that's what Verizon guys tells me.

I am HAPPY, I have not left my kitchen since yesterday at 2:00pm.  I have everything I need, food, drink, tv, computer. 

Serendipity, I didn't search this out.  It was a total surprise.  I love, love, love when those things happen.  What a great way to start off a new year.  I'm feeling optimistic.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Pizza, pizza

Okay, I do not make new years resolutions.  I do, however, make goals for the new year.  One of my goals was to make real dinners, with real ingredients and skip the easy, albeit yummy, fast food.  Yes, I know that yummy is not really the word most people would choose to describe fast food, but I am not particular.  Anything that I do not have to make in my own kitchen with my own hands is yummy.
I even went shopping to Winco on New Years Day so I could stock up on everything I would need to make dinners for the month.  That was almost a week ago, right?  Well, I have failed miserably on my first goal.  As I sit at the computer I am waiting for the pizza guy to call and tell me that he is on his way with my very- non homemade, but very delicious, pizza.
This is the way I look at it.  I made it almost an entire week.  Really, how great is that?  And in all likelihood, I can make it another whole week (after my pizza tonight).  Baby steps, right?
Besides, I really don't won't our local pizza people to think that I am mad at them, that would just be mean.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Lot on a Little Gals Mind

I have a granddaughter with a lot on her mind lately, poor thing.
It just hurts my heart to see her burdened with such heavy thoughts weighing her down.
She was sitting next to me in church this morning with her hands pressed against either side of her head as if she had a very bad headache.
This little girl looked up at me with concern in her eyes and said to me, "Grandma, pre-school is just driving me crazy, just crazy".  So, of course, I ask her, "why is that?"  She tells me, "everyone is just so noisy that I can't hear myself think anymore".
This is the thing that weighs so heavily on her mind these days, noisy four year olds who are interrupting her thought process. 
I wonder what it is that a four year old needs to think about so seriously that she needs silence to do so.